Friday, November 11, 2005

Bibliotherapy with Children: Tips & Resources

Tips from Doll and Doll. 1997. Bibliotherapy with Young People. Englewood, CO: Libraries Unlimited.

  1. Work with a child psychologist or school counselor. Get to know and understand the child/children before selecting materials. Don’t assume you know and understand.
  2. Become familiar with good quality materials which show characters coping successfully with problems familiar to children.
  3. The indirect approach may well be best. (A child coping with parental divorce may not want to read about divorce. A story about an animal or child coping with loss of another kind may be better accepted.)
  4. The material should be realistic but should have a hopeful outcome. (No magical solutions!)
  5. The child should have an opportunity to share his/her reactions to the material with the librarian, media specialist, child psychologist, or school counselor.

Lutra Press publishes a number of useful books, including Cheryl Coon’s Books to Grow With. Click on Newsletter to see current and back issues of the Books to Grow With Newsletter. The Newsletter presents interviews with people involved in bibliotherapy as well as book lists.

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